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How Would You Feel If You...

  • Could hire quickly with confidence, knowing that the applicants you see are among the most skilled and qualified....
  • ​Didn't have to waste time wading through tons of applications that aren't even close to being a good fit for your team...
  • ​Had a highly skilled team and access to more potential team members that will let you scale quickly...
  • ​Stopped worrying about how much time and effort that next hire is going to take...
  • ​Knew that expert hiring help was also available to help super charge the process...
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Benefits of Hiring Through JobRack

Verified Jobseekers
We have more than 8,000 verified jobseekers - We've seen their Government ID so you can be confident in who you hire.
We Support You
We give you a head start in hiring by giving you help and advice every step of the way. We'll make sure you find the best possible candidates for your next hire.
No Ongoing Charges
We charge a simple one-off fee to post your job. No subscriptions, no commissions and no ongoing cut of your payments to your new hire.

Benefits of Hiring From Eastern Europe

Straight Talking
Eastern Europeans are renowned for their direct communication style - no fear of asking questions or challenging an approach.
Great Education
Many Eastern European remote workers have one or even two degrees and the standard of technical education is out of this world. English language skills are excellent too!
Lower costs of living in Eastern Europe vs Western countries means salaries up to 50% less than hiring locally. Better quality and better value!
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What Our Customers Say About Hiring With Jobrack

Amanda Cook, Wellpreneur
Jeff Fruhwirth, JE Real Estate Ventures
with your help i found a great employee

Paul Jansen, Jansen Web Concepts
great candidates that are highly qualified
Hershy Goldberger,
super focused & very driven talent - highly recommenD
Viola Eva, WLDM
hiring from eastern europe has been astronomical - go for it
John Ainsworth, Data Driven Marketing
Jonathan Green, CEO at Serve No Master

How Does Jobrack Make The Difference?

We reduce your costs

American and European hires cost 3x-5x more than in Eastern Europe.

Quality Front-end Developer - $10-25/hr
Quality Virtual Assistant - $5-15/hr
Experienced Marketing Manager - $10-15/hr

Expert Hiring Guidance

We give you a headstart in hiring by giving
you advice and guidance every step of the way.

Sample job posts, salary advice, 1-2-1 consultation calls - Whatever you need, we're here for you.

Skills you need

We have over 8,000 jobseekers active in our database with more joining every day.

Our recruiters actively work on every job post to get even more great talent applying to you.


Rapid Support Response

We feel strongly about supporting our clients - get in touch with us and we'll respond straight away, normally within the hour and ALWAYS within 24 hours!  

We'll make sure your hiring is the last thing you need to worry about to grow your business.
Hire Your Next Team Member Now
Quality applicants applying in just 24 hours

Posting Your Job On JobRack

  • Simple Process: Our easy to use site guides you through posting your job - you can have your job post live today.
  • Full Support: We support you every step of the way. No matter how many questions you have or advice you need.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you don't get great candidates applying for your role we'll give you a full refund AND a free job post.

How It Works

Step 1
Sign up with us and post your job - we even provide templates to help.
Step 2
Sit back and let the applications roll in as we hustle and do our thing.  You can even browse our jobseeker database directly if you wish.
Step 3
Review, Interview and Choose.
Test or interview the candidates as required - then choose the one that's right for you.
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Why Choose JobRack?

Quality Over Quantity

Have you used other hiring services before? If so, you know that you often have to deal with a never ending deluge of unqualified responses that waste your time. 

At JobRack we work with verified remote workers with clearly identified specialties that you can choose from. Expect to find higher quality candidates in less time for better results with JobRack.

Fast Access To Highly Skilled & Passionate Team Members

Since JobRack promotes hiring full-time or part-time employees as opposed to "per project" freelancers, you get access to highly skilled and passionate team members that want to make a difference and align their interests with you for the long haul.

Real Help From Real People

Is it your first time hiring and need some pointers? Maybe a good template to customize to make sure you get the best applicants? We've got you covered!

Have you been hiring for years and are just ready to reduce time and effort to finding the very best team members? We'll have your job post up and gathering applicants in hours.

Got Questions?
Whether it's what role you need, the right salary to pay or how to find the right candidates we can help. 

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Noel Andrews, CEO

About Us

JobRack was created for two reasons:

1. There was no single place for online business owners to access and hire the thousands of incredibly talented and hard working remote workers all across Eastern Europe.

2. To give these hard working, highly skilled and passionate people the chance to work for awesome online businesses all across the world and have a better life as a result.

JobRack is the only place to hire verified remote workers from all across Eastern Europe. We invest our time and money in getting the very best jobseekers on JobRack, so you can post your job knowing you're going to get great results.

We're real people! We pride ourselves on the help and support that we give and we like to be get to know our customers, helping them throughout their hiring journey and beyond.

Got Questions?

On a Free 15-minute call we can chat through whatever questions you have and we'll help you out

Just a Few of Our Many Happy Customers

Adam Moody -
John Ainsworth -
Glen Wilde - Content Sites
Hire Your Next Team Member Now
Quality Applications Within 24 Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I will find the right person for the job?
Well, no one does (except we do!). Once you post your job advert you will get applications from all kinds of different job seekers and it’s up to you to decide who fits your needs the best.

So long as you know what you want then you can use that to filter the applications to get the very best person for you and your team. Hundreds of businesses that published on JobRack have hired amazing team members and got great results for their business as a result. Just check out our testimonials!
Are there any hidden fees?
No. You just pay for your job advert and that’s it. We don’t charge commission on payments to employees and there’s no ongoing subscriptions of any kind. Just a simple one-off payment for each job you post.
Why hire from Eastern Europe and not from other places?
One of the greatest virtues Eastern Europeans are known for is their incredible work ethic and their clear communication style. Coupled with their incredible levels of education (many Eastern Europeans have not one, but two (!!) college level degrees) this makes them incredible team members for your business.

Their quality of work is impeccable, communication is healthy and easy and they are extremely trustworthy. If they face a problem they cannot solve, or if you give them the task they see they can’t complete - they will tell you straight. We know very well that there are many other regions in the world that play the “Fake it until you make it” card all the time, but you will not find that in Eastern Europe.

This is a huge benefit that Eastern Europeans have and with all their other qualities they easily rank for the best remote workers in the world.
Do I need to have a contract in place between my company and my remote workers from Eastern Europe?
Yes we always recommend you have a clear agreement in place between your company and your remote workers. Now the type of agreement or contract you will use will vary based on where in the world you are, the type of business you are and what your priorities for a contract are.

This is definitely an area to get some legal advice or get in touch with us directly with any questions.

Remember the most important thing is to set clear expectations on both sides of all things that matter so talk openly with your team members about this.
How do I handle sick leave, paid leave, vacation or maternity pay?
It’s entirely up to you and somewhat depends on the nature of your agreement with your team member. Are they a freelancer working on a per task or project basis or are they more like a part of full time member of the team?

The most important thing is to set clear expectations, document it, even just a few paragraphs and ensure your team members have a copy they can access. Much like a staff handbook!

If they’re one of your team then we would always suggest to include paid holiday in your agreement, everyone needs chance to recharge their batteries some times. Consider also any local bank holidays that you may wish to consider paying them for.

Don’t let the financial impact rule these decisions, in the scheme of things it’s likely to be really insignificant vs the good will and improved commitment you get from your team members.
Do I have to do anything with my remote employees taxes?
This depends on how you contract your employees and the regulations governing your own business.

Frequently businesses will contract remote workers on a ‘service contract’ basis meaning that the worker is self employed and responsible for declaring their income and paying taxes wherever they are in the world.

This works for most people but can be complex so if in any doubt get professional advice from your lawyer or accountant, or get in touch with us directly.
Are all my details and my payments to JobRack secure?
Yes absolutely, all transactions are fully encrypted using industry standard 256-bit encryption both on our website and for payments. We use Stripe, one of the world's biggest and best payment processors to keep everything 100% safe and secure.
If I publish my job advert on JobRack will you help me find the best worker?
Of course! Our complete system is designed to help you find the best people out there for your job. You can browse our job seekers database by skills you need your worker to have or by keyword or location.

Once you publish your job advert, we will promote your role to job seekers that match the skills you are looking for. That way, we help increase the chances of finding the best A-player for your team!

Want some more help? Our Done With You and Done For You services give you the hiring help you need to get a great result. Find out more by clicking here.

What If I Don't Find Anyone?

It's rare but it does happen from time to time which is why we stay close to you while the system is searching for your new great hire.

If this happens, we jump in and will work to manually find good candidates just for you. If we can't find you a great hire, we'll give you a full refund.

That's the JobRack guarantee.

Why Aren't Job Posts Free?

Pairing you with high quality job candidates means taking time to verify jobseekers and offering support on both sides.

With other job hiring platforms you end up paying ongoing fees when you make the it may look free, but it's MUCH more expensive in the end.

JobRack will match you with high quality and verified job seekers for a one time fee.

Hire Your Next Team Member Now
Quality Applications Within 24 Hours