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We help business owners hire amazing remote team members from Eastern Europe who let you grow your business, increase your profits and work less.


How Would You Feel If You...

  • ​Had a trusted team of expert recruiters to help you hire the right people for your business
  • ​Didn't have to waste time wading through tons of applications that aren't even close to being a good fit for your team
  • ​Could get guidance and support on which roles to hire next and how much to pay
  • ​Only saw the very best experienced candidates - that you can actually afford to hire
  • ​Had a cast-iron guarantee that you'll get the hire you need and that they'll succeed in the role
  • Could work less hours yourself knowing your team are on the case for your customers

Hiring is Hard...so get the help you need to make sure you succeed

Our Done With You hiring service is a proven three-step process that guarantees you the great hires you need with none of the hard work normally associated with hiring.

Benefits of Hiring With JobRack

We source candidates specifically for your role, making sure to screen, filter and test them thoroughly so only the very best make it through to the shortlist.
We Support You
We support you every step of the way, acting both as your mountain guide and team of sherpas carrying the heavy load as we climb the hiring mountain together.
No Ongoing Charges
We charge a simple one-off fee to get you your hire. 
No subscriptions, no commissions and no ongoing cut of your payments to your new hire.
Want Help With Your Hiring?
Whatever help you need we have you covered

Benefits of Hiring From Eastern Europe

Straight Talking
Eastern Europeans are renowned for their direct communication style - no fear of asking questions or challenging an approach.
Great Education
Many Eastern European remote workers have one or even two degrees and the standard of technical education is out of this world. Outstanding English language skills too!
Lower costs of living in Eastern Europe vs Western Countries means salaries up to 50% less than hiring locally. Better quality and better value!

What Our Customers Say About Hiring With Jobrack

great candidates that are highly qualified

Hershy Goldberger, Softab.io
super focused & very driven talent - highly recommend.
Viola Eva, WLDM
hiring from eastern europe has been astronomical FOR US
John Ainsworth, Data Driven Marketing
Jonathan Green, CEO at Serve No Master

How It Works - Our Proven Three-Step Process

We work with you to understand exactly the skills and experience you need, then our team of expert candidate hunters get on the case to source the very best candidates for your role.
We filter, we review, we verify and we test, all to ensure we help you to select the very best candidate for you and your team.
Hiring a great person is just the first step. We support you through the onboarding period and beyond to make sure your new team member is a long term success for your business.

What Roles Can We Help You Hire?

We can help you fill almost any role, and if we can't, we'll tell you. 

Simple flat fee with a one year guarantee!

Support Roles

Executive Assistants
Marketing / Sales Assistants, 
PPC/Ads Coordinators

Typical salaries from $6-10/hr

Specialists / Managers

PPC / SEO Specialists
Graphic Designers
Operations / Project Managers

Typical salaries from $12-25/hr

Software Developers

Frontend / Backend / Full Stack
Mid to Senior Level

Typical salaries from $20-40/hr

Why Choose JobRack?

Highly skilled team members

You need high quality team members, with the right skills, at prices you can afford.

With years of experience hiring for all aspects of agency work from SEO & PPC Technical Specialists, Operations Managers, Software Developers, Graphic Designers,  Executive Assistants and everything in between, we can help solve your hiring challenges and unlock the growth of your agency.

Passionate people in it for the long haul

Our focus is on hiring long-term, full-time or part-time employees as opposed to "per project" freelancers. You get access to highly skilled and passionate team members who want to make a difference and align their interests with yours for the long haul.

Real Help From Real People

First time hiring remotely and need some pointers? 

No worries, whatever help you need we've got you covered!

Have you been hiring for years and are you ready to reduce your time and effort to find the very best team members?

We've got your back. That's exactly what the Done With You service does. We do all the hard work so you don't have to. 

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Noel Andrews, CEO

About Us

JobRack is the only place to hire the very best remote workers from all across Eastern Europe.

We're real people! We pride ourselves on the help and support that we give and we like to get to know our customers, helping you throughout your hiring journey and beyond.

We pride ourselves on finding the very best candidates for your roles and we like to make friends with the people we work with. 

If you want a lasting partnership where we help you hire great team members, grow your business and delegate more so you can work less, then you're in the right place. 

The JobRack team on our Christmas call and a more recent team call...the team just keeps growing!

Guaranteed Hiring Success

We want you to feel great about working with us. So we guarantee everything we do.

If we can't find you the perfect candidate that you're thrilled to hire, we will refund you in full. 

We even guarantee that they'll succeed in the role too! 

If anything goes wrong in the first three months of them working with you, if they leave, or if you need to let them go, then we'll replace them for free.

That's the JobRack guarantee.

What Others Have To Say About Their Experience

Adam Moody - OasisOptimization.com
John Ainsworth - DataDrivenMarketing.com
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